Bonding together is needed now more than ever

  1. In the 1990s, 3% of Americans had no friends, in 2021 – it's 12% *

  2. Every 5th millennial in the US has no friends at all **

  3. 71% of Millennials and 79% of Generation Z in the US reported feeling lonely ***

  4. Tinder admits that 60% of their users come because of feeling lonely ****

  5. At the same time, strong social ties influence oxytocin production *****

Wait... How is bonding connected to this?

Bonding means forming close relationships between people where an emotional attachment is vital.
People are already bonding in an entirely new way using Waka. But Waka is only one way to do it.
Our idea is to build a whole BONDING ASSOCIATION to make bonding worldwide and accessible to everyone.

Cool. How can I join the Association?

You’re welcome if you share the same values with us.You can be the CEO of a product startup that focuses on social relationships, a psychologist, or a sociologist interested in online interactions. Or you can be just an active person that lo-o-o-oves exciting projects!

And why should we all cling together?

In short, the Association will become a platform for sharing opinions freely, making collabs, and gaining social networks.
Even though we are creating the Association, we want it to become a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This organization won’t have one person or company in power. Instead, it will be operated and owned by a community. DAO's basic rule gives it the main benefit – every action is transparent for every member.

What is the profit of being in the Association? We see several points:

What is the profit of being in the Association? We see several points:01
Audience exchange
The Association will help every member to expand naturally and find new users, customers, and clients.
Standing out from major players
It is our chance to stand out in the market of online dating which is pretty much a monopoly of the giants.
Wider choice for the people
In cooperation, we can make users stay with us longer and enjoy bonding in different ways by sharing our product features and services.
Being recognizable
The Association can become a strong brand of businesses and professionals that is hard to ignore in the market.

Many have already joined Bonding Association

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